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Everyone’s at the center of the Universe.

Gravitational waves were first observed by LIGO and Virgo collaboration on February 11th 2016. Long before that they were predicted by Pointcaré and Einstein. Even before that people knew that mass existed. They just didn’t know why it existed.

Gravity is a blockchain-based protocol where each participant has a mass. Its value is based on his or her contribution to the system’s well-being.

Another cosmic drop of water from Electric Light Orchestra’s album “Time”

We have chosen to fill the identity some light ethereal gravitas. The background radiation is formed out of simple and clean, blue and white wavy pattern. Like a cool bengal striped shirt. Or an incredibly complex physical phenomena that looks simple because it starts with a simple equation.

The pattern experiences diffraction and interference to form the Gravity sign. It just reminds that a tiny drop is what makes up the most powerful disturbances.

The Gravity differentiates itself from cryptocurrencies by its wholesomeness, the good for the community that it can provide. But it is math. It is hard and pure science. We have helped to bridge that gap. After all we here at Shuka are both smart and good and not that bad looking either.

For that we have created a series of visuals for social media, online media, that support the complex ideas with simple reassuring bright representations.

Gravity Protocol June 8
How the Gravity Protocol Team Implements a Security Development Lifecycle
Gravity Protocol May 22
Gravity: Ecosystem Participants
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All of it just boils down to the fact that everybody, no matter how big or small, manifests the influence on this world through mass.


Deliverables: Identity, branding for Gravity. Illustrations for social networks and Medium, editorial and SMM support