down the rabbit hole

Leibniz postulated that our world is the best of all possible worlds. Is it, though? Imagine seeing a hole to the new world. Would you jump in head-first? Would you go home and hide under a blanket? Whatever you choose you are not going to ever be the same again. The mere existence of other worlds would transform you.

Hyperverse is the host of all the better words. The client asked us to create identity for their software platform and equipment — VR suits with backpacks that allow their users to literally roam the virtual worlds brought into existence just for them.

The new worlds are not just high-tech wizardry. They are literal wizardry. Robots riding unicorns — that’s the kind of stuff you can do in Hyperverse. And that would be a boring example. So we have cast a world-jumping spell. For that we have mixed clean spooky depiction of a literal black hole with a couple of old-fashioned hand-drawn legs. Falling into the new world.

The legs reference Roland Topor & René Laloux La Planéte sauvage, 1973

The wide-lettered powerful logo should be reminiscent of Roger Excoffon. It was dreamed up to induce impression of a fantastic transdimensional airline. The letters carry a deja vu of checking into a first class seat next to a robot or an old- fashioned unicorn.

Air France logotype, 1958 Roger Excoffon

We almost fell head over heels with the sense of wonder, a promise of a fairy tale the images radiate. After all, what is the point of having all the new worlds if they do not sweep you off your feet.

tatoo with logo @iskander_h instagram
tatoo with logo @kate.polyakova instagram

Watch out for rabbits — some of them might be late for a very important date.


Deliverables: logo, identity, branding, stickers and a tattoo.