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When you have something to say, turning the message into an object is easier than it might seem. It is no more difficult than putting an emblem of a corporation or an orienteering team onto well-sewn clothes made of premium fabric rather than whatever came more easily to hand. There’s no need to look for knitwear, accessories, a tailor’s cutter and a seal, each in a different place.

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Merchlab is a clothes manufacturing laboratory — the product is designed and sewn here; all of its printed inscriptions, branded buttons and labels are applied here. Merchlab has its own sewing, cutting and dyeing sections, a delivery service and a Moscow showroom at Krasnye Vorota. The identity is the only thing they haven’t made themselves.

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A wordmark, a logo, and a series of illustrations form the basic set — with all elements united by the idea of customization and variability.

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A severe sans serif is taken as the basis for the wordmark, its edge taken off by symmetrical curves at the beginning and the end of the inscription — a flexibility of line that hints how everything can be adjusted in Merchlab. The first and final letters are tilted towards each other on opposite sides — this simultaneously balances the composition of the wordmark and creates the dynamic effect of a compressed spring, a moving conveyor belt, an orchestra of sewing machines, a couturier’s knife, a thermal press, and a textile printer.

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The logo is a spring at rest. The letterforms have disintegrated and the letters are revolving, as if spinning around inside a garment dyeing machine. And yet they remain grouped in a bundle with a clear loop-shaped center. A series of illustrations depicts the stages of creating clothing in the same playful manner as evoked in the wordmark and logo.

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