Hi there, I’m Mercuryo!
I’m here to bring some magic into your life.

You can access something incredible! With Mercuryo algorithm your cryptocurrency becomes airline tickets, bottle of perfume, gastronomic experience. Pay in one touch in shop or cafe with the crypto-currency Mercuryo wallet.

When there is Master Card for the salary, for everything else — Mercuryo.
Virtual turns into material. Mercuryo makes cryptocurrency real money — pull it out of a hat, not a wallet! Buy, change, donate, give — quickly and safely.

Sir John Tenniel → The white rabbit, classic Illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Easy peasy, interesting and anonymous.
New funds, new senses, new experiences. It’s such a pleasure to be technological trailblazer in everyday life. Mercuryo is ironic about payment systems’ policy, leaving behind state boarders and bank limits.


Deliverables: Identity, logo, keyvisual and merchandise.