soul platform

got a soul?

Soul is the first fully-fledged mobile platform for creating dating apps. In 2016 we conceived the identity for Soul: a special set of elements, which compromise the logotype in accord with the platform's idea

A Soul-based app can be anything: a local college community app or a global networking service. The proposed identity is no less flexible: its’ basic shapes are the backbone for any branding component. The flexibility even allows to build new Soul logotypes. Not that it’s necessary but such capability is a good showcase of the identity’s basis

The simple shapes of Soul’s identity harken back to the old video games. Particulary, the sign of Soul, a set of squares, is a direct link to the “health”—jugs in Prince of Persia game. The guy below will surely need one or two of those

Prince of Persia → The Fight, 1989


Deliverables: a set of basic shapes for an identity and a logotype built upon a crafted set. We also produced the website for the platform