2016 chess championship
in nyc

the first move

World Chess Championship of 2016 was our chance to play with the major pieces. Identity for the event was created in the legendary Pentagram. It took place in the legendary city of New York. We had to show that Shuka is no ordinary pawn. If we could have made it there, we will make it anywhere.

First move of the match was the debut of the brilliant key visual for the event. Overlaying the thought process of a chess player over the traditional black-and-white grid was a strong debut.

Then Shuka took over the middlegame. Our role was to start with the key visual — created by our friends at — and actually win the game, by creating the visuals to be used on merchandise and in venue navigation.

Following the lead of the major pieces, we took over the center of the biggest board there is — the grid of streets and avenues of the New York City.

So, it wasn’t the thought process anymore — it was the Empire State of mind. While Carlsen was fighting Karjakin over and over again, the city turned out to be the winner. We are glad to report that the event was able to trade in more black and white pieces of merch than Black did in the “Polish Immortal”. In the endgame — no merchandise was left unsold. No visitor was unable to navigate the halls of Fulton Market building, which hosted the match. All that was left at the end was the spirit of intellectual competition.

Thus, we have proven to the most brilliant minds on the planet that we are not a bunch of squares.


Deliverables: Visuals for World Chess Championship 2016 in New York, utilized on ads, posters, and merchandise. Venue branding and venue navigation.