2018 chess
in london

the world is watching

The flagship event of the Chess World is happening right now! So many amazing things at play we would like to share with you in a real time.

The stage and official souvenirs designed to evoke emotions quite similar to what we feel unpacking a present box. Good move to accentuate the atmosphere of excitement.

Press-conference studio. The key location for broadcast as source of news and chess speakers statements and also the venue for having a chat with championship’s stars and officials.

Carlsen and Caruana, head-to-head after 7 draw games in a row. Who’ll win? Who is the Champion?

Those fans of intellectual games who hadn’t got lucky enough to be here and kibitz in person can watch games streamed online on with Grandmasters commenting.

The viral video produced by founders has obtained the special value communicating substantial theme of real life relationship between people in digital era.

Our humble hommage to the Chempionship’s logo’s viral effect.

The World Chess went further, creating the wild performance

A year ago no one could even imagine what a fuss this vivid, deeply emotional logo of World Chess Championship can make in international media. This is the emblem representing democracy and tolerance reached the new Chess field. This is the logo The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, BBC, CBS, Daily Mail and many others had written about.

The alternative logo is in fact the close-up piece of the main logo with men figures. All rainbow colors in black and white range.

Defining proper graphic language is crucial for Shuka method.

We’d spent several months figuring out the exact visual metaphor.