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World Chess Club Moscow is a chess club with the best drink card in town. World-famous Kenan Assab mixes wonderful cocktails while the players mix their pieces into various attacks and defences.

Drinking cocktails while playing chess is a bold new concept, both weird and absolutely fantastic. And it needed identity to match.

The logo looks like a chess board while looking nothing like a chess board. Two W’s like two kings sit on top and at the base, an elegant mix of serif and sans serif hint at a serious middlegame in progress.

A design kit was debuted with various pop culture, world culture and just plain recognizable symbols sandwiched between the crown and the base of a king piece. Quite literally we have added some bang to the game. Chess were always a game without borders. What World Chess Club Moscow wants is to do the same to playing chess — as trendy as a good Old Fashioned.

Keith Haring
Roy Lichtenstein
Marilyn Monroe

People around the world ride bikes like in Amsterdam, go to coffeeshops like in Shoreditch and drink craft beers like in Kreuzberg. We hope one day people will play chess the way we do that in Moscow.

The old black vs. white is like apples vs oranges — both are better. It's not a competition. Everybody wins in a good game of chess. Well — except for the player who lost. But how can one be a sore loser after a good Whiskey sour?


Deliverables: Dynamic identity, branding for the Moscow Chess Club.