A romance of several dimensions

Flatplan sells better living through better planning. They develop renovation plans for standard apartments bases on best works of famous architects and interior designers. Customers receive a detailed estimate, step-by-step plans for construction workers, list of materials and reference 3D renders.

The idea of the Flatplan identity is that changes can be planned — if they are changes for the better.

The name itself is a play of words. It is both the literal plan for one’s flat, or apartment, or a house. And it is also the typographical publication flatplan, the way to organize endless chaos into a neat plan. Neatly rearranged letters show that the customer is in control.

Flatplan's team

Simple forms assure the customers that everything will be easy.
Bold red radiates confidence.
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We also shot ads for Flatplan.


Deliverables: Branding, identity, video ad and web site for Flatplan