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A quickie was always hard work. No commitment required commitment and dedication. NSA demanded planning, organization, a developed set of proven techniques. Rituals emerged to ensure mutual security and pleasure. The universal hatred for flakes and time wasters simmered throughout the community.

Sex with strangers is the most public secret in modern society. As hidden as it is common. Modern young people are shameless and immoral and were that way since the dawn of times. Sex is a basic physiological act and the oldest ritual that existed before humanity.

Pure is an on demand dating mobile app. It punishes flakes and time wasters by timing and charging for every match. Pure is as cynical and as magical as casual sex. According to the Clarke’s third law any technology complicated enough is indistinguishable from magic. So is Pure. Mechanistic. Relentless. Challenging. Dynamic. Tender. Sacred. Shushed. Discreet.

Not yet titled, Anish Kapoor, Stainless steel and gold, 2015
Hysterical sexual, Anish Kapoor, fibreglass and gold, 2016

The identity of Pure is based on some very clear imagery. Brazen and sacred, the baby making machine, the eternal cornucopia. Beavers revealed to be my spirit animal. The mostly vulgar gap, a vessel that creates life through magic.

Black and white identity makes things simple, clear, pure. It is the secret sign, the message — the messenger — for the secret society of high-tech hedonist magi.
It’s so deep.

That’s what she said.


Deliverables: identity and branding for the Pure app; the landing web page; trifles, knick-knacks and trinkets based on the identity.