the untitled

and the unsubtitled

Venture capital is an opportunity of financial operations, promises of success, the future that has been written. And something that isn’t written cannot be named. After we spent sleepless nights wondering about conception we found out that such an unusual task has only one solution: we shall call it what it is. And that’s why we called it The Untitled.

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Like any plato ideas, business ideas are subtle, until they exist in draft i.e. they are not shaped in a real world. The Untitled looks for bright future that can be achieved if you follow the light. Unfilled shape of white paper symbolising this enlightening ideas calls out and invites you.

Two thousand years later artists Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Kosuth unknowingly revived Platonic idealism in their own work. Placing ready-made objects like chairs in art galleries thus making them an ideal of Chair is an accurate rendition of Plato’s phylosophy.

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Joseph Kosuth One the Three Chairs, 1965
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This void attracts with its blankness, same as purity of idea. And that’s how the blank sheet of paper became a part of The Untitled identity. And looking at it anyone can imagine his business development plan.


Deliverables: the identity and branding for the Pure app, the landing page and ephemera revolving around the main imagery for the offline activities