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é þ é has been featured in a whole lot of various articles. But only few of those articles have been featured back on Here they are:

Quarzy 2018 detailed almost essay about being frazzled out by a tradition of finding sexual subtext in every logo

Evening Urgant 2018 the main late-night show of the country on the main channel – about World Chess branding 2018 creators of the main chess site play blitz in the pose of World Chess 2018 key-visual

Brand New 2018 a short text about how nice it is to see the classic metaphorical illustration-based logo in the modern world — on hyperverse identity view case

Brand New 2018 detailed story of World Chess branding and text about scandalous KV-2018 (complimentary qualitative criticism)

the village 2014 about our studio interiors: text (in russian) and pictures (in colour)