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é þ é has been featured in a whole lot of various articles. But only few of those articles have been featured back on Here they are:

Brand New 2019 Lamoda rebranding detailed review on Brand New (with charming opinions in the comments section)

Quartzy 2018 A comprehensive research of fighting AIDS symbolics and our case as the most fresh approach; publication on World AIDS Day 2018

Match TV 2018 Creation story of “the one” logo: even about money and almost without editing – one year after the release. In Russian

Inc 2018 The text about Shuka biz in the main Russian magazine for small businesses. With real numbers!

Stilblog 2018 Hungary is traditionally strong with chess players, so the Hungarian design blog interviewed us about World Chess Identity

Quartzy 2018 Detailed almost essay about being frazzled out by a tradition of finding sexual subtext in every logo

Evening Urgant 2018 The main late-night show of the country on the main channel – about World Chess branding 2018 Creators of the main chess site play blitz in the pose of World Chess 2018 key-visual

Brand New 2018 A short text about how nice it is to see the classic metaphorical illustration-based logo in the modern world — on hyperverse identity view case

Brand New 2018 Detailed story of World Chess branding and text about scandalous KV-2018 (complimentary qualitative criticism)

the village 2014 About our studio interiors: text (in russian) and pictures (in colour)